Technology Committees

Energy & Utilities Technology Committee Activities

The EUTC met 5–6 October 2023, Pittsburgh, Pa., USA.
The EUTC’s meeting with the Decarbonization Subcommittee began with opening remarks by chair Anand Makwana, who encouraged long-range meeting plans for future meeting participation. Vice chair John Hill led a discussion generating ideas for bringing more producers to committee meetings. Subcommittee chair David Marshall led a review of the year-long achievements and activities of the decarbonization teams and highlighted a webinar that was held in late October. The papers and sessions planned for AISTech 2024 were discussed, and several session chair volunteers’ names were received. Additional subcommittee reports were shared by Lou York on the next Digital Transformation Forum being developed for presentation the week of 7 October 2024 in Pittsburgh. Josh Davich gave an overview of Young Professionals activities within the EUTC. There is some interest in participating in the joint webinar with the Decarbonization Subcommittee and Young Professionals in March 2024.

The following day, Steve Pizanno gave a presentation and the group toured the Bloom Engineering test furnaces just before the equipment will be dismantled and moved to the new corporate headquarters.

Josh Davich (left) presented a plaque of appreciation to David Boyce (right) for hosting the EUTC’s tour of Bloom Engineering.
Anand Makwana (left) presented the EUTC service plaque to Larry Fabina (right).

The EUTC met 8 May 2023, Detroit, MI, USA.
The following officers were elected:

  • Chair: Anand Makwana - Air Products & Chemicals Inc.

  • Vice Chair and Decarbonization Liaison: John Hill - Cleveland-Cliffs Inc.

  • Papers Co-Chairs: Russ Chapman - Firebridge Inc., and Sachin Nimbalkar - Oak Ridge National Laboratory

  • Education Chair: Larry Fabina - Cleveland-Cliffs Burns Harbor

  • Membership Chair: Doug Pepe - Zurich Services Corp.

  • Young Professional Chair: Josh Davich - Cleveland-Cliffs Burns Harbor

  • Digitalization Liaison: Lou York - Case Engineering Inc.

  • Decarbonization Subcommittee Chair: David Marshall - Performance Improvement Inc.

The EUTC met 15–16 February 2023, Hammond, Ind., USA.
The spring meeting for the EUTC and the Decarbonization Subcommittee was held at the Center for Innovation Through Visualization and Simulation (CIVS) facilities on the campus of Purdue University Northwest. Much of the conversation centered on decarbonization, based on feedback from the quarterly decarbonization liaison team meeting held earlier in the month.
Larry Fabina provided an update on the Steel Mill Combustion and Thermal Systems conference, while Russ Chapman 
highlighted decarbonization-
specific AISTech session development, now numbering more than 40 presentations.  
Chenn Zhou arranged for student presentations of the research being conducted through the industrywide consortium housed at Purdue University Northwest. This included digitalized renderings of massive blast furnaces and the useful airflow models inside this equipment, safety training, and promising achievements of early work in electric arc furnace studies. 
The meeting included a review by Kelly Dallas on the successful CAPEX installation of two walking beam furnaces that replaced three older slab pusher furnaces at Cleveland-Cliffs Burns Harbor. This project received the 2023 AIST Energy Achievement Award with direct energy savings accomplished through reduced natural gas consumption, and greater delay-free mill productivity. That night at the Midwest Member Chapter dinner, the award was presented to Cleveland-
Cliffs Inc. in front of an audience of 300+ guests.  
The following day, the group set out on a three-hour driving tour inside the Burns Harbor mill directed by EUTC chair Larry Fabina, focusing on the energy centers and carbonization/decarbonization footprint of this full-scale integrated mill.  

1. Chenn Zhou (right) presented a plaque of appreciation to Larry Fabina (left) for hosting the EUTC’s tour of Cleveland-Cliffs Burns Harbor. 2. The EUTC toured Cleveland-Cliffs Burns Harbor the day after their meeting (left to right): Back row: Lou York, Les Grossman, Larry Fabina, Doug Pepe, Russ Chapman and Josh Davich; front row: Liwei Zhang, Tina Wolff and Nicole Nguyen.

The EUTC met 4–5 October 2022, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
EUTC chair Larry Fabina opened the meeting, focusing on multiple subcommittee initiatives currently underway. The safety discussion centered on a review of the Steel Industry Fatalities report and highlighted a new corporate study from Dialight which quantifies the accumulated cost of injuries in the metals and mining industry using 2009–2018 data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
David Marshall and Mike Grant are developing joint decarbonization sessions throughout AISTech by partnering with several other Technology Committees.
Sachin Nimbalkar discussed the U.S. Department of Energy’s Industrial Decarbonization Roadmap.
A separate meeting held later in the day finalized a roster of invited presenters for the upcoming Steel Mill Combustion and Thermal Systems seminar. This will be a two-and-half-day course that includes a tour highlighting the furnace burner development and laboratory facilities at Fives North American Combustion Inc.
Decarbonization topics with specific interest on the AIST NIST road map were reviewed by decarbonization liaison John Hill.
The next meeting will include a tour of either the National Carbon Capture Center in Birmingham, Ala., USA, or Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Larry Fabina presented a plaque of appreciation to Charlie Schroer for hosting the EUTC’s tour of Fives North American Combustion (left to right): Joseph Bunjevac, Dennis Quinn, Kurt Johnson, Fabina, Charlie Schroer, Justin Dzik and Mark Hannum.

The EUTC met 16 May 2022, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
The following officers were elected:

  • Chair, Education Chair and Decarbonization Liaison: Larry Fabina  /  Cleveland-Cliffs Burns Harbor

  • Vice Chair: Anand Makwana  /  Air Products & Chemicals Inc.

  • Papers Co-Chairs: Russ Chapman  /  Firebridge Inc., and Sachin Nimbalkar  /  Oak Ridge National Laboratory

  • Membership Chair: Wendy DiMino  /  Universal Compressed Air

  • Digital Transformation Liaison: Lou York  /  Case Engineering Inc.

  • Decarbonization Subcommittee Chair: David Marshall  /  Performance Improvement Inc.

  • Decarbonization Liaison: John Hill  /  Cleveland-Cliffs Inc.

The EUTC met 14 March 2022, Oak Ridge, Tenn., USA
The EUTC met in Oak Ridge, Tenn., USA, the morning before hosting the four-day Energy and Utilities Workshop and Conference at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. EUTC chair Larry Fabina greeted a hybrid group of attendees to bring everyone up to speed from the committee’s last in-person meeting in Toledo, Ohio, USA.
Members chair Wendy DiMino reviewed the current roster of 142 members and commented on the growing number who are showing interest in the decarbonization sub-committee that is forming. Cross-committee collaboration is being developed within the new liaison role.
Papers chair Russ Chapman reviewed the committee’s five AISTech sessions (including one joint session), and finalized unique title selections for easy topic identification. Chapman previewed the EUTC’s panel discussion, which highlighted new uses of hydrogen as an energy source and its role in near-term reheat furnace optimization.
A look at the latest Steel Industry Fatalities report led to a robust safety discussion, assisted by the viewing of a near miss captured in a dramatic live-action video.
Nominations for 2022–2023 EUTC officers were solicited, with the final vote to take place at the committee’s meeting during AISTech 2022.
With a target of offering educational training on an annual basis, Fabina took the names of volunteers who will begin developing the next EUTC-sponsored Technology Training Conference, Steel Mill Combustion and Thermal Systems. The program was last held as a virtual conference in October 2020.

The DRITC, EUTC, IMTC and OSTC met jointly 28–30 September 2021, Toledo, Ohio, USA.
The DRITC, EUTC, IMTC and OSTC met for a day of presentations, a networking reception and a tour of Cleveland-Cliffs IronUnits LLC, in addition to each committee’s respective business meeting. The committees wish to thank Joe Greco for his help in organizing and conducting the tour.
David Marshall kicked off a full day of decarbonization presentations on 29 September by describing the achievements already accomplished and future pathway, including the Strategic Plan of AIST’s decarbonization subcommittee for technology development and resources within AIST. Energy & Utilities Technology Committee chair Larry Fabina gave a detailed look at the work inside the Energy & Utilities Technology Committee and their decarbonization activity, as well as the focus the DRITC, IMTC and OSTC has put on the subject.

  • “Getting Started Down the Decarbonization Path — Developing a Road Map, Timeline and Budget,” by David Mysko, Hatch.

  • “The Spectrum Decarbonization Possibilities With Current Technology,” by Chris Pistorius, Carnegie Mellon University.

  • “Decarbonization Strategies in Steel,” by Abhijit Sarkar, Dastur.

  • “Decarbonization With Oxy-Fuel Combustion,” by Pravin Mathur, Linde.

  • “Injecting Plastics Instead of PCI,” by Dale Heinz, International Recycling.

  • “ArcelorMittal Efforts to Reduce Carbon Footprint,” by Keith Whitely, ArcelorMittal Dofasco G.P.

  • “Green Primary Steelmaking and Green Electrical Steelmaking,” by Karim Alshurafa, SMS group Inc.

  • “Iron-Air Batteries — The Catalyst for Steelmaking Decarbonization,” by Vincent Chevrier, Form Energy.

Direct Reduced Iron Technology Committee (DRITC)
Meeting Highlights:
The group had their business meeting on Tuesday, 28 September, led by Megha Jampani, Linde. They discussed their AISTech session development, safety, and the potential for DRI, hydrogen, or raw materials-based webinars.

Energy & Utilities Technology Committee (EUTC)
Meeting Highlights:
EUTC chair Larry Fabina covered a long list of energy-related topics and business items and then dedicated the remaining portion of the committee meeting to focus on the work by subcommittee members who are actively planning the Energy and Utilities — a Road Map to the Energy-
Efficient, Sustainable and Decarbonized Steel Industry conference, which will take place in March 2022.
Committee vice chair Anand Makwana is coordinating the selection process for the 2022 Energy Achievement Award.

Ironmaking Technology Committee (IMTC)
Meeting Highlights:
The IMTC meeting began with a safety discussion focused on the latest steel industry fatalities. The group had a hybrid meeting, allowing a number of people to attend that otherwise would not have been able to.
Felix Firsbach gave a detailed update with the current ironmaking paper selections for AISTech 2022. The group also requested volunteers for session chairs. The committee has also begun their award selection for this coming year.

Oxygen Steelmaking Technology Committee (OSTC)
Meeting Highlights:
The OSTC held its business meeting on 30 September 2021. Discussed during the business meeting was industry safety practices, the OSTC sessions for AISTech 2022, the committee’s text for the AISTech Call for Papers, an update on the revision of Technical Report No. 32 and plans for future in-person OSTC meetings.

Rishabh Bahel (left) presented the EUTC service plaque to Anup Sane (right) at AISTech 2021.

The EUTC met 29 June 2021, Nashville, TN USA.
The following officers were elected:

  • Chair and Education Chair: Larry Fabina, Cleveland-Cliffs Burns Harbor

  • Vice Chair: Anand Makwana, Air Products & Chemicals Inc.

  • Papers Chair: Russ Chapman, Firebridge Inc.

  • Membership Chair: Wendy DiMino, Universal Compressed Air

  • Digital Transformation Liaison: Lou York, Case Engineering Inc.

The EUTC held a virtual meeting 4 March 2021.
EUTC vice chair Rishabh Bahel opened the meeting. He encouraged committee members to look for ways to address carbon footprint as a key focus going forward.
Wendy DiMino, EUTC membership chair, reported the latest committee membership numbers and noted that membership has grown by 103 over the last year.
With Technology Training Conferences a key focus of the EUTC, Bahel reviewed the successful Steel Mill Combustion and Thermal Systems virtual conference, which took place last October. Recently, a new conference planning subcommittee has been formed to revisit and produce an updated version of the Energy and Utilities — Industry Insights and Fundamentals Workshop, which was held in October 2019 at the Oak Ridge National Laboratories in Oak Ridge, Tenn., USA. The proposed updated seminar will present more in-depth knowledge than the first version with expanded content on sustainability. The EUTC plans to again partner with the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Laboratories and the EnergyStar agency to develop this seminar.
To highlight the importance of the committee direction, Bahel suggested rewording the EUTC’s AISTech Call for Papers language. Enthusiastic discussion led to recommendations to add verbiage related to green energy, gas and wind recovery, as well as new decarbonization technology in steelmaking processes.
David Marshall announced upcoming AIST webinars that will highlight new methods of using hydrogen injections into the blast furnace. The committee expressed interest in producing future webinars related to energy and utilities with an emphasis on decarbonization efforts in the industry.
Anand Makwana, EUTC papers chair, provided the latest information on the committee’s technical sessions for AISTech 2021. The EUTC will sponsor three separate sessions featuring combustion, utilities and energy. The role of session chairs were emphasized and volunteers solicited.
The meeting attendees were then encouraged to suggest nominations for 2021–2022 committee officers as well as the AIST Energy Achievement Award. The meeting wrapped up with a planning discussion of the committee’s future activities for the coming year.

The EUTC held a virtual meeting 28 September 2020.
EUTC chair Anup Sane led the meeting with reports from education chair and papers chair Anand Makwana and Young Professional subcommittee chair Dillon Bossell. Sane also issued a reminder that time was running out to submit applications for the Energy Achievement Award.
EUTC membership chair Wendy DiMino reviewed membership statistics.
Makwana discussed the Steel Mill Combustion and Thermal Systems conference, which was held virtually on 27–28 October 2020.
The EUTC reviewed its AISTech Call for Papers text, which now emphasizes reducing carbon footprint.
Sachin Nimbalkar shared the findings of recent U.S. Department of Energy workshops focused on greenhouse gases and decarbonization in the steel industry. It was noted that the steel industry is one of the top three energy-
consuming and greenhouse gases–emitting sectors in the U.S. This is based on annual estimates of 33% crude steel and 67% electric arc furnace production routes. Up to 85% of the energy use is for heating during the production process. The CO2 emission intensity of the U.S. steel industry is below average compared to other major steel-producing countries.

The EUTC held a virtual meeting 19 May 2020.
The EUTC kicked off their meeting with a review of their mission statement and the AISTech 2021 Call for Papers. The members discussed the topic of decarbonization and plan to incorporate it into the mission statement. Next, the EUTC previewed its upcoming training conference, Steel Mill Combustion and Thermal Systems, which will take place 27–29 October 2020 at AIST headquarters in Warrendale, Pa., USA.
The following officers were elected for the 2020–2021 term:

  • Chair: Anup Sane, Air Products & Chemicals Inc.

  • Vice chair: Rishabh Bahel, ArcelorMittal Cleveland.

  • Papers chair: Anand Makwana, Air Products & Chemicals Inc.

  • Membership chair: Wendy DiMino, Sullair LLC.

  • Digitalization liaison: Lou York, Case Engineering Inc.

  • Young Professional liaison: Dillon Bossell, ArcelorMittal USA.

The EUTC met 27–28 February 2020, Berkeley, Calif., USA.
From a prominent position nestled in the hilltops overlooking the San Francisco Bay Area, the EUTC received a warm welcome from the staff at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories, who provided the tour and technical discussions for the meeting. As a premier member of the National Laboratory system, there is much encouragement for joint collaboration research projects with industry members, and through participation in active projects, EUTC member Rishabh Bahel was instrumental in obtaining this invitation for the committee members to visit the site in person.
The morning business meeting made progress on finalizing the EUTC’s technical sessions for AISTech 2020. This year there are three separate EUTC sessions, with a fourth session co-sponsored by the Environmental Technology Committee. 
The committee discussed the development of the Steel Mill Combustion and Thermal Systems training seminar to take place 27–29 October 2020 in Warrendale, Pa., USA.
Officers for the 2020–2021 term were nominated, with a final vote to take place at AISTech 2020. The EUTC also appointed Dillon Bossell to the position of Young Professional chair.
The committee then brainstormed ways to expand its relevant content and activity beyond its yearly training seminars and the Energy Achievement Award.
In the afternoon, members of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory joined the committee for a discussion of their research projects.

  • Nem Danilovic, EAEI, presented on H2 combustion and H2 generation and storage.

  • Vi Rapp, BTUS, presented a preview of the committee’s combustion lab walking tour.

  • Prakash Rao, U.S. Department of Energy, presented on water risk for manufacturing.

  • Amy Pevzner, U.S. Department of Energy, discussed technical assistance through labs, specifically Better Plants and ISO-50001 Ready programs.

The next day the EUTC toured the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories. The tour began with a stop at the combustion research lab, a reacting flow applications laboratory that develops novel heat generation technologies for power and process systems. The group then visited the Advanced Light Source (ALS), a specialized atomic particle accelerator that generates bright beams of x-ray light for use in scientific research. The day ended with a tour of the FLEXLAB, a stand-alone single-story structure built with three separate and changeable interior settings to help identify implementable measures within office and factory buildings that will lead to energy self-sufficiency.

EUTC papers chair Rishabh Bahel (left) presented a thank-you plaque to Prakash Rao (right), research scientist, Buildings and Industrial Applications Department, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, for hosting the committee’s meeting on 27–28 February 2020.

The EUTC met 7 October 2019, Oak Ridge, Tenn., USA.
Attendees were in Oak Ridge for the Energy and Utilities — Industry Insights and Fundamentals Workshop. 
A recap of the course appears on pages 52–53 of this issue.
The EUTC discussed having a membership chair position, which may be useful to increase membership and attendance.
Volunteers were taken for session chairs for AISTech 2020. 
A suggestion was made to present the Energy Achievement Award at a Member Chapter meeting. With this, more of the recipients’ teammates can be part of the event, whereas it is currently presented at AISTech.  
The EUTC is hoping to hold the next Thermal conference in November 2020. 

The EUTC met 6 May 2019, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
The following officers were elected:

Chair: Louis York, Case Engineering Inc.

Vice chair: Anup Sane, Air Products & Chemicals Inc.

Papers chair: Rishabh Bahel, ArcelorMittal Cleveland

The EUTC met 6–8 March 2019, Knoxville, Tenn., USA.
The first day of the meeting, the EUTC worked to finalize the Energy and Utilities — Industry Insights and Fundamentals Workshop, which will be held 7–9 October 2019 at Oak Ridge National Laboratories (ORNL), Oak Ridge, Tenn., USA.
The EUTC reviewed and discussed the Steel Industry Fatalities report. Rishabh Bahel then led discussion of the EUTC’s technical sessions at AISTech 2019. The roles of session chair and papers chair were reviewed.
The committee also discussed the Energy Achievement Award and nominations for officers for the 2019–2020 term. 
The next Steel Mill Combustion and Thermal Systems seminar will be held in 2020. Potential locations are Cleveland, Ohio; Columbus, Ohio; or Indianapolis, Ind., USA. 
For the balance of the meeting, the EUTC toured  the Manufacturing Demonstration (Hardin Valley) Facility, where the world’s largest concentration of 3D printing equipment is installed, including the world’s largest surface additive machinery.
On 8 March, the group toured Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

The EUTC toured Oak Ridge National Laboratory, where they saw the Titan supercomputer (left to right): Charlie Bender, Lou York, Sachin Nimbalkar, Rishabh Bahel, Larry Fabina, Jared Kaufman and Chris Williams.


Louis York (left) and Anup Sane (right) presented Rishabh Bahel (center) with the EUTC service plaque at AISTech 2018.

The EUTC met 7 May 2018, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
The following officers were elected:

  • Chair: Louis York, Case Engineering Inc.

  • Vice chair: Anup Sane, Air Products & Chemicals Inc.

The EUTC and CSRTC met 25 October 2017, Smyrna, Tenn., USA. The CSRTC and EUTC had the opportunity to meet and have a joint safety roundtable discussion. Afterwards, they split into their respective groups for individual committee business.
The CSRTC reviewed its AISTech 2018 session layouts and was able to secure volunteers to serve as session chairs. The group also discussed holding a Cold Rolling Technology Training course in September 2018 in conjunction with the System Automation Fundamentals training class. The organizing group, made up of Brian Smith, Chris Burnett, Mark Blankeneau and Liz Hunter, is working on adjusting the format to include a more advanced track.
The EUTC also discussed its AISTech 2018 session layouts and secured volunteers to serve as session chairs. The group had a productive discussion about how to bring value to the end users in a steel mill and how to encourage attendance at committee meetings. The EUTC plans to host a webinar the first week of January 2018 to discuss interpreting steel mill utility bills. An additional purpose to this webinar is to drive interest for their upcoming meetings. The group also discussed the winner of the Energy Achievement Award. The award will be presented at the next EUTC meeting.

  Lou York (left) and Anup Sane (right) presented Rishabh Bahel (center) with the EUTC service plaque.

The EUTC met 8 May 2017, Nashville, Tenn., USA.

The following officers were elected:

  • Chair: Rishabh Bahel, ArcelorMittal Cleveland

  • Vice chair: Louis York, Case Engineering Inc.

  • Papers chair: Anup Sane, Air Products & Chemicals Inc.

The EUTC met 21 March 2017, Nashville, Tenn., USA. The meeting began with technical presentations. Pierre Braud and Marta Santorroman from ARKEMA presented “Gas Odorization Process,” which illustrated the technology developed to odorize the carbon monoxide streams generated in steel plants. Gina Chavez, Creative Water Solutions, discussed ProMoss™ and water treatment applications for industry. Rishabh Bahel, Arcelor­Mittal Cleveland and EUTC chair, then shared his experience, as his facility currently was trialing the water treatment system. Lou York of Case Controls then kicked off the safety roundtable discussion with a presentation on compressed air safety.
The EUTC discussed committee attendance and participation. Energy savings is a relevant and important  topic, but typically isn’t a first priority. The 2016 Steel Industry Fatalities Report was mentioned because it is a valuable document created by the AIST Safety & Health Technology Committee that is discussed at length at most Technology Committee meetings; it was suggested that the EUTC could create a document that is unique to the committee and generates similar interest and discussion. EUTC members also need to work on personal relationships and engage on a personal level to foster involvement for committee members.
The EUTC reviewed and finalized its AISTech 2017 sessions. The Steel Mill Combustion and Thermal Systems conference and the Energy Achievement Award were also discussed.
The meeting adjourned and the EUTC joined the Steel Mill Thermal and Combustion Systems attendees at a networking reception.

EUTC chair Rishabh Bahel (left) and PRTC chair Blane Vines (right) presented Tony Knopp (center), vice president of Vestas Towers America, with a plaque for hosting the EUTC’s and PRTC’s tour.

The EUTC and PRTC met 13–14 September 2016, Colorado Springs, Colo., USA. The group held a roundtable discussion on general safety statistics and current projects.
The committees split into separate rooms to work on committee-specific items. Both committees reviewed their AISTech 2017 paper sessions, selected session chairs, finalized their AISTech 2018 Call for Papers verbiage and discussed items to be brought up at the AIST Leadership Conference.
The EUTC determined there would be opportunity for multiple joint sessions at AISTech 2017. The committee also discussed the Energy Achievement Award submissions and brainstormed ways to increase awareness and visibility of the award to AIST members, as it is not process-specific. The creation of a members chair position was discussed, as well as other strategies to increase EUTC participation and attendance. 
The PRTC discussed finalizing the Plate Mill Roundup for publication, the benefits of attending the Hot Flat Rolling Fundamentals Technology Training Conference and the AIST Process Benchmarker®. The PRTC also had a thorough discussion about future meeting locations and the topics for technical presentations/discussions to be held at these meetings. Volunteers for presentations on these topics were chosen.
The committees, along with guest speakers Kip Findley and Taylor Jacobs from Colorado School of Mines, came together for a networking lunch. This was followed by an afternoon of technical presentations, which included:

  • “Compressed Air — Steel Mill Energy Savings Projects,” by Lou York, Case Controls.

  • “An Overview of the Advanced Steel Processing and Products Research Center at Colorado School of Mines,” by Kip Findley.

  • “Elevated Temperature Mechanical Properties of Line Pipe Steels,” by Taylor Jacobs.

  • “ArcelorMittal’s Energy Efficiency Initiatives,” by Larry Fabina, ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor.

  • An overview of Vestas and tour requirements by Corey Ivey, Nucor Steel–Hertford County.

The meeting concluded the following day at Vestas Towers America in Pueblo, Colo., USA. Stacie Martellaro, manager factory logistics, and Mark Rusovick, quality assurance specialist, led the group on an in-depth tour of the tower manufacturing plant. This was followed by a presentation and question-and-answer session with Tony Knopp, vice president of Vestas Towers America, and lunch at the facility. 

The EUTC and PRTC toured Vestas Towers Americas during their 13–14 September 2016 meeting.
The EUTC service plaque was presented to Mark Kampe
(left to right): Lou York, Rishabh Bahel, Kampe, Anup Sane
and Shailesh Gangoli.

The EUTC met 16 May 2016, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

The following officers were elected:

  • Chair: Risbhah Bahel, ArcelorMittal Cleveland

  • Vice chair: Lou York, Case Engineering

  • Papers chair: Anup Sane, Air Products & Chemicals

  • Specialty Conference chair: Shailesh Gangoli, Air Products & Chemicals

The PTTC and EUTC met 27–28 January 2016, Houston, Texas, USA. The committees reviewed the 2015 Steel Industry Fatalities report, followed by a safety roundtable discussion.
The committees finalized their respective AISTech 2016 technical sessions. Each has three sessions scheduled. The role of the session chair was reviewed with both committees.
Nominations for PTTC and EUTC officers for the 2016–2017 term were accepted and approved.
The 2016 AIST Pipe and Tube Roundup was discussed. The Roundup parameters were revised and finalized. The PTTC plans to publish the Roundup in the August 2016 issue of Iron & Steel Technology.
The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) have invited AIST to be a supporting organization for Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTeC) 2016, to be held 1–3 August 2016 in San Antonio, Texas, USA. URTeC is a science and technology event for unconventional resource development, which brings together geologists, geophysicists, engineers and business managers. Unconventional energy exploration and production includes horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking.”
The AIST Energy Achievement Award was discussed. Three candidates are being considered for this award, which will be announced before AISTech 2016.
The following presentations were given:

  • “Recent Changes in the Natural Gas and Shale Gas Plays,” by Richard Ricks of NiSource/Columbia Gas.

  • “Cartacci Straighteners and Drawbenches — Productivity and Energy Consumption,” by Fabrizio Mamoli of Cartacci S.r.l.

  • “Combustion Safety — Standards and Burner Management Systems,” by Mark Kampe of CEC Combustion Safety.

  • “Heat Recovery Systems,” by Jared Kaufman of Tenova Core.

The committees were given tours of Axalta Coatings and NACE International. 

1. Matt Miller (center), chief operating officer of NACE International, was presented with a plaque of appreciation from Mark Kampe (left), EUTC chair, and Keith Tuma (right), PTTC chair, for hosting a tour of NACE International. 2. Scott Denny (center, left) and Meghan Hodge (center, right) of Axalta Coatings were presented with a tour plaque from Keith Tuma (left) and Mark Kampe (right).