Technology Committees

Environmental Committee Activities

The ETC met 7 November 2023, Charleston, S.C., USA.
The ETC met just before the Environmental Solutions: Water Management training seminar. Bijay Prakash opened the meeting and welcomed everyone. With the next course scheduled for November 2024, a conference planning committee consisting of Joseph Juronoc and Justin Gould was formed. The focus will be on air and environmental topics.
AISTech sessions were outlined by Juronoc and include over a dozen presentations, which will make up multiple sessions. Even though he could not attend, a list of candidate nominees for the Best Paper award was presented by vice chair Adam Pace, and the grading committee will narrow that to one recipient. A study tour in Sweden, hosted by Jernkontoret, is also being considered for June 2024, with a list of sites to visit under development.

The ETC met on 7 November 2023 (left to right): Dan Schwartz, Justin Gould, Allyson Ringuette, Joseph Juronoc, Ryan Goodman, Lorenzo Marino, Simon Walker, Harold Surface, Bijay Prakash, John Cioffi and Tim Fox.
Bijay Prakash (left) presented Adam Pace (right) with the ETC service plaque.

The ETC met 10 May 2023, Detroit, MI, USA.
The following officers were elected:

  • Chair: Bijay Prakash - EVRAZ Rocky Mountain Steel

  • Vice Chair: Adam Pace - Monroe Environmental

  • Papers Chair: Joseph Juronoc - Steel Dynamics Inc. – Flat Roll Group Butler Division

  • Digitalization Liaison: Kevin Deliman - Baltimore Aircoil Co.

The ETC and MRTC toured Mercedes-Benz during their joint meeting (left to right): Shannon Owen, Tom Maher, Peter Petrov, Sequoia Murray, Deke Perkins, Kevin Deliman, Nick Hladek, Jeff McKain, Carl Garringer and Landon Woody.

The ETC and MRTC met 28 February–1 March 2023, Birmingham, Ala., USA.
Both committees participated in discussions about their sessions for AISTech, safety and fatality data, committee awards, and Technology Training Conferences. 
Mike Allega, TimkenSteel Corp., and Vern Martin, Flowcare Engineering, both gave presentations regarding bearings and fans. The next day the two committees went on a tour of the Mercedes-Benz plant in Tuscaloosa, Ala., USA, where they were given an in-depth tour of the all-electric SUV production line.

The ETC met 24 October 2022, Orlando, Fla., USA.
The ETC met prior to the Environmental Solutions: Meeting EPA Air Emission Requirements training conference.
The group reviewed its technical program for AISTech 2023, which has enough abstracts available to have a minimum of one session each day. The AISTech 2024 Call for Papers text was reviewed and approved.

Adam Pace (left) presented the ETC service plaque to Ray
Tedford (right).

The ETC met 16 May 2022, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
The following officers were elected:

  • Chair: Adam Pace  /  Monroe Environmental Corp.

  • Vice Chair and Young Professional Chair: Alisha Giglio  /  Hatch Ltd. 

  • Papers Chair: Bijay Prakash  /  Cleveland-Cliffs Steel LLC

  • Education Co-Chairs: Bijay Prakash  /  Cleveland-Cliffs Steel LLC, and Vern Martin  /  Flowcare Engineering Inc.

  • Decarbonization Liaison: Xavier d’Hubert  /  XDH Energy, and Alisha Giglio  /  Sina Technologies

  • Digital Transformation Liaison: Kevin Deliman  /  Baltimore Aircoil Co.

Adam Pace (left), Environmental Technology Committee (ETC) vice chair, presented Cole Walker (right), CMC Steel Oklahoma, a plaque of appreciation for hosting the ETC’s tour of CMC Steel Oklahoma on 8 March 2022.

The ETC met 8 March 2022, Grapevine, Texas, USA.
ETC chair Ray Tedford opened the hybrid meeting with welcoming remarks. Nominations for the 2022–2023 committee officers were finalized. The ETC will conduct the final vote at their next meeting at AISTech 2022. The group then reviewed its technical sessions planned for AISTech 2022.
Bijay Prakash, ETC education chair, previewed the upcoming Environmental Solutions: Meeting EPA Air Emission Requirements training conference, which will be held in October 2022.

  • “Overview of EPA’s PFAS Strategic Roadmap: EPA’s Commitment to Action 2021–2024,” by Tom Maher, Civil & Environmental Consultants Inc.

  • “Designing Simple and Efficient DSI (Dry Sorbent Injection) Systems, From the Silo to the Injection Lance,” by Xavier D’Hubert, XDH-energy.

Following the technical presentations, the committee traveled to Durant, Okla., USA, to tour CMC Steel Oklahoma’s micro-mill.

The ETC met 8 November 2021, Corpus Christi, Texas, USA
ETC chair Raymond Tedford gave the opening remarks and welcomed everyone to the meeting and the Environmental Solutions: Water Management conference. Attendance was taken and membership of the committee was reviewed. Since AISTech 2021, 23 new members have joined the committee. 
The 2021 Steel Industry Fatalities data was discussed. The committee then reemphasized the importance of safety, training and site awareness.
ETC papers chair Alisha Giglio provided an update on the ETC’s AISTech abstracts. A total of 17 papers have been accepted and organized into three sessions: Water Treatment & Auxiliary Technologies, Novel Technology Treatment to Reduce Environmental Footprint, and Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions. The committee then solicited session chair volunteers and reviewed and updated its Call for Papers text.
The ETC discussed the Environmental Solutions: Meeting EPA Air Emission Requirements conference, to be held in October 2022. The organizing committee will include Bijay Prakash, Vern Martin, Ray Tedford, Kevin Deliman and Adam Pace. Conference locations were suggested, including sites such as NorthStar Blue Scope, Nucor Steel Gallatin and Nucor Steel Florida.
The committee then discussed the possibility to organize webinars. David Marshall provided an update about the AIST Decarbonization Subcommittee. The ETC will continue to include decarbonization, greenhouse gas emissions and CO2 mitigation as items of topics but not make it a primary focus. Instead, the Decarbonization Subcommittee will cover that.
The group then attended the Environmental Solutions: Water Management conference.

Adam Pace (left) presented the ETC service plaque to Kevin Deliman (right) at AISTech 2021.

The ETC met 29 June 2021, Nashville, TN USA.

The following officers were elected:

  • Chair: Ray Tedford, Schust

  • Vice Chair: Adam Pace, Monroe Environmental Corp.

  • Papers Chair and Young Professional Chair: Alisha Giglio, Hatch Ltd.

  • Education Co-Chairs: Bijay Prakash, Cleveland-Cliffs Steel LLC, and Vern Martin, Flowcare Engineering Inc.

  • Digital Transformation Liaisons: Erik van der Noll, Danieli Corus, and Kevin Deliman, Baltimore Aircoil Co.

The ETC held a virtual meeting 28 October 2020
The ETC discussed the Environmental Solutions: Meeting EPA Air Emission Requirements conference, which was held in a virtual format on 19–20 October 2020. The comments concerning the online conference were very positive. The presentations flowed well without glitches and, being the first of its type by the ETC, it was a success. The ETC discussed ways to encourage greater attendance. It was suggested that even if future training conferences are done in person, they should also allow a virtual option for those who can’t travel to attend.
AISTech 2021 session development was reviewed. ETC papers chair Adam Pace provided an update. Fourteen abstracts have been received for the ETC. Pace indicated he will reinvite authors from last year. The general structure discussed was to have two sessions dealing with air pollution control; there will be one on water and one on fines and recycling. Session chair volunteers were solicited.
The next ETC specialty training is the Water Conference, to be held in fall 2021. ETC chair David Gilles and co-chair Thomas Maher and Kevin Deliman volunteered to organize the conference. It was also suggested to co-locate it with another conference or Member Chapter meeting.
The ETC then moved on to elect the new vice chair for the 2020–2021 term.
Digital Transformation Subcommittee Survey questions were discussed.
Conrad De Costa talked about the Distinguished Member and Fellow Award. The AIST Board of Directors is requesting nominees.
He also spoke about some safety meetings he had recently attended. He encouraged the incorporation of a safety component into future presentations done by the ETC.

  • “Microbio Control and Monitoring in Cooling Systems,” by James Gleason, Rick Toste and Ryan Goodman, Suez.

  • “Improvement of EAF Canopy Hood Capturing Efficiency,” by Niccolò Griffini and Salvatore Gallo, Redecam.

The ETC held a virtual meeting 7 May 2020
The ETC meeting began with outgoing ETC chair Kyle Edwards announcing the winner of the 2020 Environmental Technology Best Paper Award. The committee then elected officers for the 2020–2021 term. The new officers are:

  • Chair: Kevin Deliman, Baltimore Aircoil Co.

  • Vice chair: Janice Bolen, Hatch.

  • Papers chair and education chair: Adam Pace, Monroe Environmental Corp.

  • Young Professional chair: Alisha Giglio, Hatch.

The committee reviewed the upcoming Environmental Solutions: Meeting EPA Air Emission Requirements training conference, which is scheduled to take place 19–21 October 2020 in Southgate, Mich., USA. The fall 2021 ETC meeting will be co-located with the conference. The ETC also brainstormed locations for their spring 2021 meeting.
Kyle Edwards ended the meeting with a summary of results from the Environmental Technology Committee Survey conducted in April 2020. The purpose of the survey was to determine what topics and challenges are of most interest to ETC members, to improve the content of future ETC meetings. According to the survey, ETC members expressed interest in all aspects of environmental management at steel facilities, but priority topics to focus on are governmental regulations, air emission control and permits, and energy and water conservation.

Kevin Deliman and Kyle Edwards presented Adam Rawerdink with a plaque of appreciation for hosting the ETC’s tour of Boston Metal (left to right): Alisha Giglio; Deliman, ETC vice chair; Jennifer Woloshyn; Edwards, ETC chair; Rawerdink; and Daniel Richard.

The ETC met 26–27 February 2020, Boston, Mass., USA.
The ETC finalized its AISTech 2020 sessions. The roles of session chair and papers chair were reviewed.
The committee discussed its nominations for officers and the activities of the AIST Digital Transformation Subcommittee.
Environmental Solutions: Meeting EPA Air Emission Requirements will be held 19–21 October 2020.
Alisha Giglio volunteered as Young Professional chair for the ETC.

  • Adam Rauwerdink of Boston Metal provided a corporate overview of Boston Metal.

  • Alissa Park of Columbia University presented “Rewiring the Circular Economy for the Iron and Steel Industry Toward a Sustainable Future.”

  • Sahag Voskian of Verdox provided a corporate overview of Verdox.

On Thursday, 27 February, the group toured Boston Metal in Woburn, Mass., USA. Boston Metal operates from a 10,000+ square-foot state-of-the-art facility. Its patented molten oxide electrolysis process allows for a better, cleaner and lower-cost product.
More than 1,000 kg of metal alloys have been produced by Boston Metal since commissioning its first reactor. Boston Metal has efficiently increased the operating temperature for electrolysis, enabling the technology to address high-melting-temperature metals.

The ETC met 15–16 October 2019, Indianapolis, Ind., USA.
The first day of the meeting consisted of a number of presentations followed by an open discussion. 

  • “Recent Sustainability Developments in the Iron and Steel Industry,” by Janice Bolen and Alisha Giglio, Hatch.

  • “Emissions Monitoring Systems for the Steel Industry,” by Donny Klotz, M&C Tech Group North America Inc.

  • “Energy Savings in EAF Environmental Systems by means of Pressure Drop Reduction of the Whole APC and of the Water-Cooled Ducts,” by Marco Peter Cudicio, Danieli.

  • “Strategic Planning Considerations for Energy Efficiency Upgrades of Fan Systems: Do You Go With Retrofit or New?” by Vern Martin, FLOWCARE Engineering Inc.

The attendees had a fruitful discussion after the presentations. 
The second day started with a visit to the Subaru Zero Waste Plant. The tour highlighted the stamping processes, where the attendees were able to observe giant presses turning raw coils of steel into the vehicle’s metal structure. The panels were then welded together by more than 1,670 robots in the body assembly area. Following the paint shop, participants were able to see associates bring the vehicles to life as they assembled more than 5,000 parts into and onto each vehicle. Finally, tour attendees were able to see the tester line, which proves Subaru’s commitment to quality and safety.
The facility is able to achieve its zero-waste goal through various methods such as recycling, composting, and requesting suppliers to ship parts in reusable containers, to name a few.
The ETC’s business meeting was held following the tour. 
The committee’s next Technology Training Conference will focus on air and will be held in fall 2020. It was suggested to invite the speakers from the ESS M&R 4 conference. NEFCO, a fertilizer plant in Detroit, Mich., USA, was suggested as a potential plant tour. Speakers could be invited from Ford or General Motors, to discuss how they measure and regulate air emissions. 
The ETC reviewed its AISTech 2020 technical session development, which includes 19 papers. Papers chair Janice Bolen gave an overview of the papers and possible sessions.

Kyle Edwards (right) presented a plaque of appreciation to Char Rogers (left) for hosting the ETC’s tour of the Subaru Zero Waste Plant.

The ETC met 6 May 2019, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
The following officers were elected:

Chair: Kyle Edwards, ArcelorMittal Dofasco G.P.

Vice chair: Kevin Deliman, Baltimore Aircoil Co.

Papers chair: Janice Bolen, Hatch Ltd.

Technology Training chair: Adam Pace, Monroe Environmental Corp.

The ETC met 27–28 February 2019, Franklin, Tenn., USA.
ETC papers chair Dejan Zrelec phoned in to the meeting to review the committee’s AISTech 2019 technical sessions and status of paper submissions. Currently there are 25 papers and five sessions related to the ETC. There are two joint sessions with the Energy & Utilities and Electric Steelmaking Technology Committees. 
The Engineering Solutions for Sustainability: Materials & Resources 4 (ESS M&R 4) conference will be held 13–16 October 2019 at the Westin Indianapolis in Indianapolis, Ind., USA. A tour of the Subaru facility in Lafayette, Ind., will be offered on 16 October. It was also decided that the ETC’s Fall 2019 meeting would be scheduled after the Subaru tour.  
The next conference sponsored by the ETC will be focused on air and will be held in Fall 2020. Adam Pace volunteered to serve as education chair for the conference. 
In the afternoon, the following presentations were given: 

  • “Sustainability and Energy Management at North America’s Largest Auto Assembly Plant,” by Wade Willatt, Nissan Smyrna.

  • “Overview of Decatur’s Environmental Department Projects on Sustainability,” by Brian Avery, Nucor Steel–Decatur LLC.

  • The following day, the ETC had the opportunity to tour the Nissan Vehicle Assembly Plant. Nissan is a member of the U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Based on the Nissan Green Program, the Smyrna plant has been able to improve the energy performance by 24% between 2009 and 2015. The facility received ISO 50001 and Superior Energy Performance certifications in 2012, the first passenger-vehicle manufacturing facility to do so.

One of the discussion items during the tour was electric cars and self-driven cars, the demand for which can be expected to increase in the coming years. 

Stacie Staton was presented with a plaque of appreciation for hosting the ETC’s tour of the Nissan Smyrna facility (left to right): Norm Auffhamner of Nissan; Nijay Praicash; Kyle Edwards, ETC chair; Staton; Kevin Deliman, ETC vice chair; Ryan Goodman; Adrian Jackson; Bill Moore; Thomas Maher; and Chris Goddard, Nissan.

The ETC met 16 October 2018, Indianapolis, Ind., USA.
Dejan Zrelec, papers chair, led a discussion of the ETC’s AISTech 2019 technical session development. He reviewed the selection of abstracts and covered the session structure, including potential joint sessions with Electric Steelmaking and Energy & Utilities Technology Committees.
Zrelec then asked for volunteers for session chairs and reviewed papers chair and session chair instructions.
Other potential papers were considered to fill up some sessions, including John Cioffi from NALCO Water, An Ecolab Company doing a water-related paper. Xan Danes from George E. Booth Co. Inc. is to look into obtaining a water/wastewater abstract. The ETC wants to focus on more environmental-related topics as opposed to control strategy, steel specific, etc.
The ETC then discussed the Environmental Best Paper Award, which will be presented during the ETC meeting at AISTech 2019 in Pittsburgh, Pa., USA.
John Cioffi, education chair, gave an update on Environmental Solutions: Water Management, which was held on 17–18 October in Indianapolis. A suggestion was made to include a question/problem board to pre-qualify problems or areas of interest for the purpose of networking or future discussion topics to be addressed.
Another recommendation was to set expectations for what attendees plan to get out of the event, as well as grouping people by similar problems/issues and having breakout sessions on addressing certain common problems if possible.
Planning then began for the 2019 AIME/AIST  Engineering Solutions for Sustainability: Materials and Resources 4 Conferences. The goal is for this program to be  more solutions-based and less theoretical, using shared successes to illustrate concepts through presentations rather than papers.
Abstracts will be due 28 February 2019 on the following topics:

  • Material optimization: Opportunities such as waste reduction and diversion, material reuse and life cycle considerations, and cross-sector flow opportunities. 

  • Energy efficiency: Fuel and electricity savings and use of renewable energy. 

  • Sustainable process optimization: Removal of toxins, enhancing biodiversity and improving health of stakeholders.

Kevin Deliman (left) and Kyle Edwards (center) presented David Gilles (right) with the ETC service plaque at AISTech 2018.

The ETC met 7 May 2018, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
The following officers were elected:

  • Chair: Kyle Edwards, ArcelorMittal Dofasco G.P.

  • Vice chair: Kevin Deliman, Baltimore Aircoil Co.

  • Papers chair: Dejan Zrelec, Tenova Goodfellow Inc.

  • Technology Training chair: John Cioffi, NALCO Water, An Ecolab Company

The ETC met 5–6 March 2018, Memphis, Tenn., USA. The ETC reviewed the 2017 Steel Industry Fatalities report and held a safety roundtable discussion.
John Cioffi discussed the session layout and planning for AISTech 2018. It was noted that there may be difficulties for foreign authors due to the Section 232 decision.
Nominations for ETC officers for the 2018–2019 term were discussed, as well as the idea of alternating producers and suppliers for the chair position.
Discussion then focused on the Environmental Solutions: Water Management seminar, to be held on 15–17 October 2018 in Indianapolis, Ind., USA. Planning for the conference is progressing well.
A Young Professional recruitment subcommittee was brought up. Ryan Wolfred, AIST staff engineer, discussed AIST’s initiative to recruit new young members to get involved in Technology Committee activities.
Another discussion item was attracting more producer participation in committee meetings. Perhaps a representative from the Environmental Protection Agency or other government agency could give a presentation at a future meeting.
The survey results from the Environmental Solutions: Meeting EPA Air Emission Requirements seminar were reviewed. Overall, attendees reported an 82% satisfaction rating. Air Pollution Control Equipment Maintenance could be a possible future session.
Kyle Edwards discussed the Engineering Solutions for Sustainability conference, which will be a joint effort between the ETC and representatives from the American Institute for Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers (AIME). The course is slated for 2019.

ETC chair, David Gilles (left), presented a plaque to Michele Vachon (right) in appreciation for hosting a plant tour of Big River Steel.

The ETC met 18 October 2017, Indianapolis, Ind., USA. John Cioffi gave an overview of the ETC’s technical sessions for AISTech 2018 in Philadelphia, Pa., USA. Five sessions have been organized, comprised of 23 abstracts. Peter Petrov suggested that a sustainability session be created also. The request was made for session chairs, and nine members volunteered.
The ETC reviewed its Call for Papers topics. No changes were proposed for AISTech 2019.
Mike Allen announced the winner of the Environmental Best Paper Award. This award will be presented during the ETC meeting at AISTech 2018.         
There was also an open discussion to increase producer involvement with the ETC. The primary issue is the cost of travel, and comments were made concerning the value of remote meetings using videoconferencing capabilities. AIST has indicated in the past that it is concerned about the long-term impact if “face-to-face” discussions disappear. In the end, it was generally agreed that the best approach is a combination of face-to- face and remote meetings.
A Water Management training seminar is being planned for fall of 2018. John Cioffi provided an overview of the event and indicated that a survey had been sent out to establish any “hot-button issues.” A location has not yet been selected for this event.
The group discussed the Environmental Solutions training conference, which was held prior to the ETC meeting. Some of the comments included:

  • The quality of the graphics and the presentations were very good.

  • Attendance was up from the previous Environmental Solutions training course. It was believed that this was because of environmental regulation pressures. This resulted in additional attendees whose focus is in the foundry.

  • The audience was comprised of a good mix of those who deal with EAFs and those who work in integrated mills.

A general discussion was held concerning the value of surveys and what can be done to encourage a higher response rate. A suggestion was made to provide an incentive for completing them.
It was agreed by all in attendance that it was a good idea to include the committee meeting as part of the training course and to make it open for all attendees.
A recap of the Environmental Solutions conference appears on page 176 of this issue.
Next ETC Meeting: 6–7 March 2018, Memphis, Tenn., USA, with a tour of Big River Steel

David Gilles (right) presented Conrad D’Costa (left) with the ETC service plaque.

The ETC met 8 May 2017, Nashville, Tenn., USA.

The following officers were elected:

  • Chair: David Gilles, Sage Environmental

  • Vice chair: Kyle Edwards, ArcelorMittal Dofasco Inc.

  • Papers chair: John Cioffi, NALCO Water, An Ecolab Company

Robyn Dufresne (right) presented a plaque of appreciation to ETC chair Conrad D’Costa (left) for hosting the ETC’s tour of ArcelorMittal Dofasco Inc.

The ETC met 18–19 October 2016, Burlington, Ont., Canada, with a tour of ArcelorMittal Dofasco Inc. The committee agreed to create a new subcommittee for ETC awards. Peter Petrov will chair this subcommittee, and participation is open for additional volunteers.
The ETC reviewed its AISTech 2017 abstracts and technical session layout. The ETC program will include 19 papers organized into four sessions, with one held jointly with the Energy & Utilities Technology Committee. Session chairs were selected, and the role of session chair was reviewed.
The winner of the 2017 AIST Environmental Technology Best Paper Award was selected. This award will be presented at the ETC meeting at AISTech 2017. The selection process and review criteria were discussed. A survey will be issued to the ETC for input on the evaluation criteria. Vern Martin will look into this feedback and propose an improved method for selection.
Kevin Deliman, education chair, led a discussion on the Environmental Technology Training Conference. Based on survey results, it was decided to hold separate conferences for air and water, with the next one focusing on air. A preliminary schedule was reviewed and modified. This conference will be held in fall 2017.

The following presentations were given:

  • “Air Emissions Capture — Equipment Design and Operation,” by Dejan Zrelec, Tenova Goodfellow.

  • “Water Treatment Presentation,” by Dave Gilles, Sage Environmental.

  • “Energy Projects at ArcelorMittal Dofasco,” by Ian Shaw, ArcelorMittal Dofasco Inc.

Mike Allen (left) presented the ETC service plaque to Conrad D’Costa (right).

The ETC met 16 May 2016, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

The following officers were elected:

  • Chair: Conrad D’Costa, ArcelorMittal Dofasco Inc.

  • Vice chair: Dave Gilles, Sage Environmental

  • Papers chair: Mike Allen, CLARCOR Industrial Air

  • Training conference chair: Kevin Deliman, Baltimore Aircoil Co.

Conrad D’Costa (right), ETC chair, presented a plaque of appreciation to Michelle Bunn (left) of CMC Steel Alabama for hosting a tour of its facility. 

The ETC met 8–9 March 2016, Birmingham, Ala., USA.
The ETC conducted an extensive review of new and existing features of and offered suggestions for further improvement.
Committee chairpersons will continue in their current positions for the 2016–2017 term.
Kevin Deliman provided a summary of the attendee evaluations from the 2015 Steel Mill Combustion and Thermal Systems conference.
The topic of selecting a Distinguished Member and Fellow was discussed, and a number of suggestions were offered to improve the nomination process.
Mike Allen led the discussion concerning the ETC’s AISTech 2016 technical sessions and addressed the remaining issues.
Extensive discussion was held on planning the committee’s next Technology Training Conference.
The day concluded with technical presentations by Joe Duckett and Peter Petrov.