Technology Committees

Plate Rolling Technology Committee Activities

Members of the PRTC toured Nucor Steel–Hertford County on 13 March 2019.

The PRTC met 12 March 2019, Suffolk, Va., USA. 
The PRTC reviewed its sessions AISTech 2019 and the roles of session chair and papers chair were re-emphasized. Nominations for officers for the 2019–2020 were discussed, with everyone agreeing to serve another year.
The committee then reviewed the AIST North American Plate/Steckel Mill Roundup and discussed potential updates to the data.
Corey Ivey discussed the upcoming Hot Sheet and Plate Rolling Fundamentals — A Practical Training Seminar. The seminars will be held 20–24 October 2019 at the Blue Chip Casino, Hotel & Spa in Michigan City, Ind., USA. The conference includes a tour of ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor. The PRTC’s Fall 2019 meeting will take place at that same location.
The committee then discussed the possibility of publishing an AIST Technical Report (TR) standard or recommended practice. Potential standard topics included surface quality and dimensional quality. Eric Thokar will solicit members for a TR standards subcommittee.
The PRTC meeting concluded on 13 March 2019 with a tour of Nucor Steel–Hertford County.

The PRTC met 11–12 September 2018, Longview, Texas, USA. The PRTC reviewed the 2018 Steel Industry Fatalities, followed by a roundtable discussion
Andrew Smith, PRTC papers chair, reviewed the four abstracts that had been submitted for AISTech 2019. Two PRTC sessions will be scheduled. Session chairs were identified, and instructions for both session chairs and papers chairs were reviewed.
Smith will reach out to presenters from the 2nd International Symposium on the Recent Developments in Plate Steels to get involved in AISTech 2019.
Corey Ivey, Andrew Smith and Jacob Lewis will represent the PRTC at the AIST Leadership Conference in November in New Orleans, La., USA.
The 2019 Norman D. Hodgson Outstanding Achievement Award will be presented during the PRTC meeting at AISTech 2019 in Pittsburgh, Pa., USA.
The 2018 Plate/Steckel Mill Roundup was reviewed. The roundup appears on pages 150–155 of this issue.
Corey Ivey, education chair, discussed Hot Sheet and Plate Rolling Fundamentals — A Practical Training Seminar, which will be held 21–24 October 2019 in East Chicago, Ind., USA. ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor will serve as host plant. The program outline is to be finalized by 1 December 2018.
The following presenters spoke:

  • Jim Lewis gave an overview of Nucor Steel Longview.

  • Jim Kitson of Allor Manufacturing presented “Managing Drivelines When Leveling High-Yield Materials.”

  • Jonathan Steckelburg of Ametek Surface Vision presented “SmartView/SmartAdvisor.”

The PRTC toured Nucor Steel Longview on Wednesday, 12 September.

Bryson Trumble (right), general manager, Nucor Longview, was presented with a plaque of appreciation by Eric Thokar (left), CISDI USA, PRTC chair.
Eric Thokar (left) and Brad Sigurdson (right) presented Blane Vines (center) with the PRTC service plaque at AISTech 2018.

The PRTC met 7 May 2018, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
The following officers were elected:

  • Chair: Eric Thokar, CISDI USA

  • Vice chair: Brad Sigurdson, EVRAZ Portland

  • Papers chair: Andrew Smith, ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor

  • Education chair: Corey Ivey, Nucor Steel–Hertford County

The PRTC met 12–13 September 2017, Muscatine, Iowa, USA. The PRTC met at the SSAB Americas R&D and SSAB Iowa facilities. The meeting’s focus was lining up the PRTC technical sessions for AISTech 2018 by papers chair Brad Sigurdson. Along with selection of technical papers, the role of session chair was discussed and volunteers were solicited.
An update was given on the two Technology Training events that the PRTC  is organizing. Corey Ivey updated the group on the Hot Rolling Fundamentals course that will be held 25 February–1 March 2018 in Mobile, Ala., USA, and Rick Bodnar briefed the group on the 2nd International Symposium on the Recent Developments in Plate Steels to take place 3–6 June 2018 in Orlando, Fla., USA.
The meeting included presentations on descale nozzle technology by Lechler USA, and on 3D plate inspection systems by ISRA Surface Vision Inc.
The meeting concluded with a tour of the SSAB Americas R&D facility as well as the SSAB Iowa plate mill.

Blane Vines (left) presented a plaque of appreciation to Mike Cooke (right), director of technical services, SSAB Iowa, for hosting the PRTC’s tour of the facility.
Eric Thokar (left) presented Blane Vines (right) with the PRTC service plaque.

The PRTC met 8 May 2017, Nashville, Tenn., USA.

The following officers were elected:

  • Chair: Blane Vines, Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa Inc.

  • Vice chair: Eric Thokar, Primetals Technologies USA LLC

  • Papers chair: Brad Sigurdson, EVRAZ Portland

The PTTC and PRTC met jointly 28–29 March 2017, Birmingham, Ala., USA. The committees reviewed the 2016 Steel Industry Fatalities Report, followed by a safety roundtable discussion. Afterwards the groups split to work on individual committee business.
The Plate Rolling Committee reviewed its AISTech 2017 paper sessions and discussed Hot Flat Rolling Fundamentals — A Practical Training Seminar, which will take place in spring 2018.
The AIST Process Benchmarker® was discussed. The Plate Rolling Module has remained stagnant and the PRTC agreed to revisit the program. Suggested was a free trial period from which to get feedback from users.
The 2nd International Symposium on the Recent Developments in Plate Steels will be held 3–6 June 2018 in Orlando, Fla., USA. The group was reminded to submit their abstracts by 15 October 2017.
Presentation topics for the fall PRTC meeting were discussed. Charlie Romberger volunteered to present on descale systems. Other topics suggested were flatness strategies, corrosion prevention, preventive maintenance practices for levelers and accelerated cooling.
The PTTC reviewed its session for AISTech 2017. The nominations for the 2017–2018 officers were made (see page 82 of this issue for the full list of PTTC officers).
Pipe and Tube — A Practical Training Seminar, to be held in 2018, was discussed. A planning subcommittee was created. It was also decided that the papers chair role should have high involvement in the conference planning.
At the time of the meeting, the PTTC had 96 members. Steve Marzina agreed to bring an analysis of members and participation to the committee’s fall meeting. A LinkedIn account has been created for the PTTC as a place for technical discussion and committee-related talk. It is open to PTTC members only and is managed by the social media and membership chairs. Attendees were reminded to review the Pipe and Tube Roundup and send any suggestions and edits to Frank Baumgardner by the next meeting.
There was an extensive discussion on the goals of the committee and its members. Keith Tuma requested the creation of a subcommittee with representatives from the various factions (producers, manufacturers, OEMs, consumable suppliers, buyers and end users, etc.) Volunteers for the subcommittee were Tuma, Baumgardner, Jack Srail and Susan Conley. This group will first develop a list of technologies that encompasses what the PTTC represents and what is important to each segment.
The PRTC and PTTC rejoined for the rest of the afternoon for a networking lunch and technical presentations, which included:

  • “Accelerated Cooling System — Direct Quench Project,” by Jacob Lewis, Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa Inc.

  • “Advanced Ceramics for Pipe and Tube Manufacturing,” by Jimmy Estrada, Kyocera.

  • “Coupling Makeup Machines,” by Marco Zanardi, Lazzari Group.

  • “Non-Destructive Testing Technologies — High-Temperature Weld Inspection for ERW Mills,” by David Mann, Innerspec.

Blane Vines gave a brief preview and instructions for the plant tours and the meeting was adjourned.
The two committees had a full day of plant tours starting with Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa Inc., who also provided lunch. The group then headed over to Southland Tube where they were welcomed by Barney Hatten, director of quality, who gave a presentation on the company and plant before the tour commenced.

Blane Vines (left), PRTC chair, presented a plaque of appreciation to Lane Swan (right), manager of manufacturing, Southland Tube, for hosting a tour on 29 March 2017.
Keith Tuma (right), PTTC chair, presented Blane Vines (left), Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa Inc., with a plaque of appreciation for hosting a tour of the facility during the PTTC and PRTC joint meeting.
EUTC chair Rishabh Bahel (left) and PRTC chair Blane Vines (right) presented Tony Knopp (center), vice president of Vestas Towers America, with a plaque for hosting the EUTC’s and PRTC’s tour.

The PRTC and EUTC met 13–14 September 2016, Colorado Springs, Colo., USA. The group held a roundtable discussion on general safety statistics and current projects.
The committees split into separate rooms to work on committee-specific items. Both committees reviewed their AISTech 2017 paper sessions, selected session chairs, finalized their AISTech 2018 Call for Papers verbiage and discussed items to be brought up at the AIST Leadership Conference.
The EUTC determined there would be opportunity for multiple joint sessions at AISTech 2017. The committee also discussed the Energy Achievement Award submissions and brainstormed ways to increase awareness and visibility of the award to AIST members, as it is not process-specific. The creation of a members chair position was discussed, as well as other strategies to increase EUTC participation and attendance. 
The PRTC discussed finalizing the Plate Mill Roundup for publication, the benefits of attending the Hot Flat Rolling Fundamentals Technology Training Conference and the AIST Process Benchmarker®. The PRTC also had a thorough discussion about future meeting locations and the topics for technical presentations/discussions to be held at these meetings. Volunteers for presentations on these topics were chosen.
The committees, along with guest speakers Kip Findley and Taylor Jacobs from Colorado School of Mines, came together for a networking lunch. This was followed by an afternoon of technical presentations, which included:

  • “Compressed Air — Steel Mill Energy Savings Projects,” by Lou York, Case Controls.

  • “An Overview of the Advanced Steel Processing and Products Research Center at Colorado School of Mines,” by Kip Findley.

  • “Elevated Temperature Mechanical Properties of Line Pipe Steels,” by Taylor Jacobs.

  • “ArcelorMittal’s Energy Efficiency Initiatives,” by Larry Fabina, ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor.

  • An overview of Vestas and tour requirements by Corey Ivey, Nucor Steel–Hertford County.

The meeting concluded the following day at Vestas Towers America in Pueblo, Colo., USA. Stacie Martellaro, manager factory logistics, and Mark Rusovick, quality assurance specialist, led the group on an in-depth tour of the tower manufacturing plant. This was followed by a presentation and question-and-answer session with Tony Knopp, vice president of Vestas Towers America, and lunch at the facility. 

The EUTC and PRTC toured Vestas Towers Americas during their 13–14 September 2016 meeting.
Blane Vines (left) presented the PRTC service plaque to
Corey Ivey (right).

The PRTC met 16 May 2016, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

The following officers were elected:

  • Chair: Blane Vines, Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa Inc.

  • Vice chair: Eric Thokar, Primetals Technologies USA LLC

  • Papers chair: Brad Sigurdson, EVRAZ Portland

The PRTC met 19–20 January 2016, Fort Worth, Texas, USA. A lengthy safety discussion was held, which included perspectives from all attendees. 
The Plate Rolling session for AISTech 2016 was changed from a five-paper session on Monday morning to a six-paper session on Monday afternoon to include a paper by Qiulin Yu of Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa Inc.
Jared Kaufman of Tenova Core gave a presentation on combustion and the NFPA 86 standard.
Cory Raimondi hosted a tour of the TrinityRail facility, which uses finished plate to make railroad tank cars.

1. Corey Ivey presented a plaque of appreciation to Joshua Oakley for hosting a tour of TrinityRail (left to right): Cory Raimondi, Jeremy Leitze, Ivey, Clay Cole and Oakley. 2. The PRTC met on 19 January 2016 in Fort Worth, Texas, USA (front row, left to right: Jeremy Leize, Mike Kadar and Par Kierkegaard. Back row, left to right: Jared Kaufman, Tommie Nilsson, Corey Ivey and Blane Vines).

The PRTC and RTC met 22–23 September 2015, Pittsburgh, Pa., USA. The PRTC and RTC had separate business meetings with joint presentations and tours. 
Homero Ortiz, RTC papers chair, reviewed the RTC’s technical session layouts for AISTech 2016, which includes sessions on Monday afternoon and all day on Tuesday.
The RTC finalized its AISTech 2017 Call for Papers topic by adding roll surface analysis to the existing topics.
Ortiz reviewed the status of the Rolls Best Paper nomination process, in which the RTC officers and John Ballani will re-view the two best-of-session papers from AISTech 2015 and vote on the winner.
There was a discussion on developing a Roll Shop Roundup, which was tabled until the next RTC meeting.  
The PRTC mission statement was revised as: “To promote advancement in safe plate rolling, finishing, quality practices, operating technologies and processing through information exchange.”
Eric Thokar discussed the PRTC’s AISTech 2016 technical session, which will be one morning session on Monday titled “Latest Advancements in Plate Rolling.” Blane Vines and Tom Bovalina volunteered to be session chairs.
Charlie Bender will champion the development of the criteria for the Norman Hodgson Outstanding Achievement Award nomination process.
The PRTC AISTech 2017 Call for Papers topic was finalized.
Blane Vines reported that the AIST 2015 North American Plate/Steckel Mill Roundup was ready for publication. This roundup was published in the November 2015 issue of Iron & Steel Technology.
The AIST Process Benchmarker® Plate Rolling Module has been developed, and producer members are encouraged to input their data.
Eric Thokar discussed Plate Rolling Fundamentals, which will be held in conjunction with Hot Rolling Fundamentals on 21–25 February 2016 in Birmingham, Ala., USA. More information about this seminar can be found on pages 148–150 of this issue.
The following individuals gave technical presentations:

  • Roman Pankiw of Duraloy spoke about the history of the company, the facility and what was to be expected during the tour the next day.

  • Neal Fedak of AIM Machinery gave a presentation on capabilities, including a variety of roll shop material handling equip-ment, lifting devices, and plate mill equipment such as centering guides and plate flippers.

  • Kevin Marsden of Whemco gave a presentation on Steckel mill coiling drums, their manufacture and design.

Both groups toured Duraloy Manufacturing in Scottsdale, Pa., and Brownsville Marine in Brownsville, Pa., USA.

1. Corey Ivey (left) and Paul Fleiner (right) presented a plaque of appreciation to Roman Pankiw (center) for hosting a tour of Duraloy Manufacturing during the PRTC and RTC joint meeting. 2. Corey Ivey (front, left) and Paul Fleiner (front, right) presented a plaque of appreciation to Joe Kavulic (front, second from left) and Tim Scheib (front, second from right) for hosting the PRTC and RTC tour of Brownsville Marine. 3. The PRTC and RTC were able to launch a new barge.
Blane Vines (right) presented the PRTC service plaque to chair Corey Ivey (left).

The PRTC met 6 May 2015, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
The following officers were elected:

  • Chair — Corey Ivey, Nucor Steel–Hertford County

  • Vice chair — Blane Vines, Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa Inc.

  • Papers chair — Eric Thokar, Primetals Technologies U.S.A. Holdings Inc.

Meeting Highlights:
ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor in-stand cooling was suggested as a topic for future meetings.

The PRTC met on 18–19 March 2015, Burns Harbor, Ind., USA. Bob Spangler reviewed the PRTC’s technical sessions for AISTech 2015.
Eric Thokar reviewed the status of the next Hot Mill/Plate Mill Fundamentals Training Seminar, which will be held on 21–25 February 2016 in Birmingham, Ala., USA, and will include a tour of either Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa Inc. or Nucor Steel–Decatur LLC.
Ken Landau reviewed the AIST Process Benchmarker® and stressed the importance of all participating mills inputting their data.
Roundtable discussions of safety and performance were also held.