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Technology Committee Awards

Each of the nine Technology Divisions has established awards for individuals and companies pertaining to their notable achievements in the global iron and steel industry. In May 2008, the AIST Board of Directors approved recognition for up to four awards per Technology Division.

Safety & Environment

Environmental Technology Best Paper Award
Don B. Daily Safety Award

Cokemaking & Ironmaking

Joseph Becker Award
J.E. Johnson, Jr. Award
Josef S. Kapitan Award
Thomas L. Joseph Award


Charles W. Briggs Award
Charles H. Herty, Jr. Award
John Bell Award
Specialty Alloy & Foundry Best Paper Award

Refining & Casting

Continuous Casting Best Paper Award
Ladle & Secondary Refining Best Paper Award

Rolling & Processing

Norman D. Hodgson Outstanding Achievement Award
Rolls Technology Best Paper Award
Hot Sheet Rolling Best Paper Award


Adolf Martens Memorial Steel Lecture
Jerry Silver Award
Gilbert R. Speich Award
Richard J. Fruehan Award

Energy & Control

Farrington Award
Computer Applications Best Paper Award
Energy Achievement Award

Plant Services & Reliability

Project Excellence Award
Reliability Achievement Award
Refractory Systems Best Paper Award

Material Movement

Crane Innovator of the Year Award